Mr Foodie

825 colorfulFood & Kitchen Icons

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Mr Foodie is a set of 825 icons divided into 7 groups – 109 fruit icons, 157 kitchen icons, 120 animal products icons, 100 veggie icons, 107 desserts icons, 127 beverages icons, and 105 other food related icons.

It’s a multilayer font so every group consists of 4 fonts – Regular, Back, Front, and 3rd Color. The Regular style is for single color use only and the Back, Front, and 3rd Color styles are necessary if you want to achieve a multicolor effect.

Position three identical text boxes exactly on top of each other, apply layer font styles, and choose whatever colors you like. You’ll quickly discover that some icons don’t have 3rd Color style. This is not a mistake – a lot of things look good with just two colors.

Use it to make logos, illustrations, games, app icons, t-shirts, mugs, cooking books, restaurant menus, interior decorations, invitations, balloons, and any other project where finely crafted food drawing is needed.


109 Icons


157 Icons

Animal Products

120 Icons


100 Icons


107 Icons


127 Icons


105 Icons